The Story Behind the Chess-Table: How It All Began

The Beginning of a Passion Project

It all started with a simple idea: a coffee table that could double as a chess board. The founder of Chess-Table, a passionate woodworking enthusiast, wanted to create a piece of furniture that was not only functional but also beautiful and durable. And so, the Chess-Table was born.

Handcrafted with Care

Every Chess-Table is meticulously crafted by hand in Austin, TX, using only the finest sustainable wood and materials. From the designing stage to the finishing touches, every step is taken with care and attention to detail.

A Dream Come True

For the founder of Chess-Table, this project was not just about creating a beautiful piece of furniture but also about sharing his passion for chess and craftsmanship with others. Today, Chess-Table is a thriving business, providing quality chess tables at an affordable price for chess enthusiasts and furniture lovers alike.

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